Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rhymes with Kitten...

bitten, bitton, britain, briton, brittain, brittan, britten, britton, ditton, fitton, gettin', gritton, litten, litton, lytton, mittan, mitten, mitton, ryton, sittin', sitton, smitten, titone, whiton, whitten, whitton, witten, witton, written

Nary a Rhyme...


Approach Abortion with an Open Mind

Remember, what is right for you might not be what is shown on TV or right for someone else.

Raising a child is difficult and so is labor.

Adopt Foster Children!

Babies are cute so they will get adopted. Foster children need help and will "phase out" of the foster care system at 18. They are so vulnerable! Please help these poor children! If you cannot adopt, become a foster parent and stay in touch even if the child is moved.

This can change a child's life and your own.

If I persuade you to adopt, please comment and tell me!

Open Adoption

If teen or impoverished mothers decide not to have abortions, I encourage them to consider open adoptions. The child will know the birth mother but still have a family to love and provide for him/her. It's two families and twice the love! Many couples want babies and it's much better than being like the "Prom Mom".

5 Million

5 Million of the people who were killed in the Holocaust were not Jews.
These people are the forgotten ones.

William Hazlitt, British author

Male Feminist so you can't say they don't exist!
Feminist: of or relating to or advocating equal rights for women, not saying that females are superior to males
Born in the 1770s (around the time of the Declaration of Independence and American Revolutionary War) but he still held such progressive ideas

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kitten Acronym


Meddlesome Neighbors

They are everywhere. They surround us and suck out any stray bits of optimism and hope from our lives. Who are they? Meddlesome Neighbors. They pry into every bit of our lives, seeking to gain something, perhaps reassurance that theirs aren't so miserable. We cannot hide from them.
Perhaps they are merely bored. Why won't they find something to do? Is it fun? What if we turn the tables on them...

Why To Graduate From High School

In no Particular Order:

  1. Why not?

  2. Worth more than any job a kid can get when (s)he is 16-18

  3. It's easy

  4. Financial Return

  5. Difficult to get a job without graduating

  6. Carries more weight than a GED

  7. A high school dropout isn't getting a job in this market anyway

  8. Your parents would be proud

  9. You will always regret not finishing high school

  10. It's easier to get a date
  11. You can always graduate early
  12. It's more fun than a job
  13. You can make a lot of friends in school
  14. There is so much to learn
  15. You might as well get it over with
  16. High school sweethearts
  17. Obama did
  18. Bush did
  19. P. Diddy did
  20. Senior year!!!

  21. I told you to

Community Service

For some reason it's more about getting hours than helping people. Seriously, it's a nice thing to do. That's the big thing. Yeah, getting hours helps but it's such a great way to make a statement and contribute to society.
People have to make it easier to be able to help out in the community. Some people have 5 minutes a week to spare and others have 5 hours a day. It's good to be able to accept any help at all. Training takes money but young people need to be able to help.
Schools should make community service a requirement for graduation. It's one thing for someone working a job while studying to be unable to contribute and another for a kid with Ds and Fs.

Wish List Gadget

Amazing digital camera

  • Easy to use

  • Takes great pics

  • Includes a cord to upload pics to my computer

  • Long battery life

  • Fun settings

  • Detailed pics

Colleges Looking Beyond Grades...

Seriously??? Do people really think that if they can have some strange talent like stacking 40 bottles on top of one another or having the ablity to eat 2 pounds of steak in an hour they can forget about getting good grades and SAT/ACT scores?

Yes, people do get into colleges with sports because they earn revenue for the institution. That's an established fact.

Do "special talents" and "being a good person" carry more weight than academics? NO! Academics usually DO count for more than 50% of admissions. Although there are unique universities, that's just how it is. People need to recognize this and work hard to succeed instead of relying on their odd qualities and talents to get them into the schools of their dreams instead of staying up and doing actual work.


It's better than coke and gives that amazing burst of energy (thank goodness for caffeine!) All a light drinker needs is a sip and wooooo...