Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why To Graduate From High School

In no Particular Order:

  1. Why not?

  2. Worth more than any job a kid can get when (s)he is 16-18

  3. It's easy

  4. Financial Return

  5. Difficult to get a job without graduating

  6. Carries more weight than a GED

  7. A high school dropout isn't getting a job in this market anyway

  8. Your parents would be proud

  9. You will always regret not finishing high school

  10. It's easier to get a date
  11. You can always graduate early
  12. It's more fun than a job
  13. You can make a lot of friends in school
  14. There is so much to learn
  15. You might as well get it over with
  16. High school sweethearts
  17. Obama did
  18. Bush did
  19. P. Diddy did
  20. Senior year!!!

  21. I told you to

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